In just 30 days the following clinical changes were achieved by one group in Canada.

Participants: 39
Average Age: 58

Test Change
Total Cholesterol . -16% LDL Cholesterol … -22% HDL Cholesterol … -7% Ratio – TC/HDL … -10% Triglycerides …….. -13% Glucose ……………. -6% Weight …………….. -6 lbs BP –Systolic …………. -8 BP –Diastolic …………. -4

Heart Rate ………. -8/min

The CHIP program produces amazing results for people who are willing to make some safe, simple lifestyle changes. Physicians and other health professionals frequently express surprise when they see so many people benefited so much in such a short time.

When people understand more clearly the cause/effect relationship between diet & exercise and disease, they become increasingly motivated to make changes. CHIP informs, motivates and then supports the needed changes.

More than 20,000 graduates from four continents know how CHIP changes lives. A few simple, painless and deliberate lifestyle choices can make all the difference in the world. What are the results of adopting the CHIP lifestyle?

  • Reverses and normalizes diabetes
    Half of Type II diabetics can be off their insulin within 8 weeks. Oral medication can also be reduced and sometimes eliminated.
  • Reduces stroke risk
    CHIP decreases the risk of stroke which is often more disabling than a heart attack.
  • Normalizes blood pressure
    Most persons being treated for hypertension can decrease and sometimes eliminate their need for medication.
  • Lowers cholesterol 10-20% or more
    This means a 25-50% decrease in your risk for a heart attack. Persons being treated for high cholesterol can usually decrease and sometimes eliminate their need for medication.
  • Decreases the risk of osteoporosis
    Following the CHIP lifestyle can markedly reduce the risk for this major cause of disability in later years.
  • Improves digestion
    Many experience less discomfort and more regularity.
  • Lessens depression
    Increased exercise and better sleep usually help lessen depression.
  • Lowers weight
    That’s right, eat like a horse and still lose weight – for a lifetime, not just a few months.
  • Enhances the overall quality of life.