NEWSTART® is an 18-day program which incorporates the principles of Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunshine, Temperance, Air, Rest, and Trust to restore your health:
Provides access to Dr. Diehl’s books, videos, audiotapes and newsletters. These and a variety of other health materials including cookbooks can be ordered online.

LifeLong Health Newsletter
Provides summaries of current research studies on subjects addressed during the course of the video-CHIP program. LifeLong Health Website
Provides access to interesting Bible topics related to health and helps to understand the connection between the physical and spiritual aspects of health.

Scientific Publications
Download PDF documents and read articles from the scientific community that Dr. Diehl has rounded up.

There are other web sites that have been or are being developed by local CHIP Chapters. Below you will find a current listing of these sites. Your comments and suggestions are welcomed.

  • Beaverton CHIP (Oregon)
  • Brewster CHIP (Washington)
  • Edmonton CHIP (Alberta)
  • London CHIP (Ontario)
  • Sarnia CHIP (Ontario)
  • Toronto CHIP (Ontario)

Dr. Hans Diehl’s Official Website
Go to Dr. Diehl’s website and discover a wealth of information about the Coronary Health Improvement Project (CHIP) including:

  • How CHIP is impacting corporations, hospitals, schools and faith communities
  • The history and background of how CHIP developed
  • Background material on Dr. Hans Diehl
  • CHIP testimonials and program results
  • Media coverage and news about CHIP
  • Calendar of Events
  • …and more