Lecture Topics

Class Video Lecture Schedule

CHIP participants attend classes that meet four days a week for four weeks. Class lectures are dynamically presented by Dr. Hans Diehl in a compelling video series complete with superb graphics, illustrations, and humorous stories. Local presentations provide for live interaction, heart-healthy recipe samples, and lots of fun.

Week 1
Modern Medicine: Miracles, Medicines, & Mirages
The limitations of high-tech medical approaches in dealing with lifestyle related diseases.

Portrait of a Killer: Onslaught from Within
Atherosclerosis, the culprit, in many lifestyle diseases.

Stalking the Killer
Reviewing the risk factors for coronary heart disease.

Eat More and Weigh Less
Basic guidelines for healthy, sustained weight loss.

Week 2
Going Up in Smoke
Smoking—the most controllable risk factor for coronary heart disease.

The Magic of Fiber
The role of fiber in preventing and reversing lifestyle diseases.

Reversing Hypertension
Changing the major risk factors for high blood pressure.

Disarming Diabetes
Lifestyle factors that can arrest or reverse diabetes.

Effective Cholesterol Control
Dietary factors that prominently affect blood levels of cholesterol.

Fats in the Fire
The role of excessive fat intake in lifestyle diseases.

Week 3
Fit at Any Age
Benefits of regular exercise in preventing and arresting disease.

Boning Up on Osteoporosis
Causes and prevention of this so-called ‘disease of aging’.

Lifestyle and Health
Clinical studies that demonstrate how lifestyle choices are related to health.

The Optimal Diet
Positive dietary guidelines for the prevention and reversal of Western diseases.

Week 4
Diet and Cancer
Dietary factors in the development and prevention of common cancers.

Atherosclerosis of the Mind
The importance of adaptability in achieving and maintaining optimal health.

The Gift of Forgiveness
How a spirit of forgiveness enhances emotional and overall health.

Building Self Worth
The development, preservation and role of self worth in a healthy person.