Founder Info

Hans Diehl, Dr. HSc, MPH is Director of Lifestyle Medicine Institute of Loma Linda, California. His pioneering efforts with Nathan Pritikin and Dr. Denis Burkitt have shown conclusively that many of today’s diseases are truly reversible through some simple lifestyle changes. As a best selling author, researcher, dynamic speaker & top-ranking motivator, he has lectured to corporations and governments and has presented seminars on four continents.

The CHIP program itself was born in the winter of 1988 when Dr. Diehl was invited to conduct a 4-week lifestyle change program in Creston, British Columbia, a community of about 5,000. Four hundred persons accepted the challenge to take responsibility for their health and became charter members of the first CHIP program.

Following the Creston experience Dr. Diehl went on to conduct multiple live programs in Canada, India, Australia and the United States. Because he cannot respond to all the invitations for live CHIP programs, Dr. Diehl decided to produce a Video-CHIP series that is being used very effectively in a variety of settings.

Peer Review

“I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Dr. Hans Diehl, who throughout his life has been a keen worker on the health maintenance side of medicine. Through his writings and seminars he has brought a very powerful message to all who would listen on how to use diet, exercise, and reflection on the more important things in life, to prevent the number one killers in our society – the atherosclerotic diseases such as heart attacks, strokes, peripheral vascular diseases and cancer.” –William Castelli, MD, National Institutes of Health and Former Director, Framingham Heart Study

“You deserve the highest possible commendation for the wonderfully successful way you and your co-workers carried out the Cornwall CHIP program. You have shown in a magnificent way how people can dramatically improve their health by altering their lifestyle instead of resorting to drugs, high technology and surgery. I have nothing but boundless admiration for what you have accomplished. I know of no one who has accomplished more in the field of disease prevention and health promotion than you.” –Denis Burkitt, MD, discoverer of Burkitt’s lymphoma and the promoter of dietary fiber